Felix Julian Koch is a versatile, award winning director whose work embodies the
essence of modern cinematography and profound storytelling. From his early years,
his passion for telling stories found its perfect canvas in motion pictures.
His journey began with directing, producing, and writing across various formats,
from commercials and music videos to documentaries and short films. Notably, his talent caught the eye of the esteemed German ad agency Jung vo Matt, where he served as a Creative Producer and Inhouse Director.

Today, he lives in between Hamburg, Germany and Cape Town, SA, working as an independent director and photographer on the global stage. His portfolio boasts collaborations with renowned brands such as Montblanc, Mercedes-Benz, O2 and BMW, as well as names like Roger Federer, Hugh Jackman or Andre Schürrle. He continues to bring compelling narratives to life, capturing the essence of human emotions with each

Felix’s work stands as a testament to his dedication to the art of filmmaking and
photography, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.


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